Triple C - Copenhagen Crates Carepackage (LP)

Triple C - Copenhagen Crates Carepackage (LP)

Various Artists / Copenhagen Crates
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  • 50 Gift Packages

All sales are final and by buying this you also accept that the records will be non-replaceable if damaged during shipping, therefore ask records to be shipped outside the jacket - If you want to prevent cornerbumps and seam splits. These packages are meant for new customers and people just tapping in for Copenhagen Crates and the artists we have at display, but everybody is ofcourse welcome to purchase one of the packages and try their luck. 

A gift package contains the following: 
  • 2 Sold out records. (Numbered copy)
  • 1 Record in stock. (Numbered copy)
  • 3 Promo records. (Unnumbered copies)
Details about the packages:
  • The Packages are 100% random. 
  • Promo records can be of sold out records, but also of records in stock. It can be a standard record, but it can also be an OBI record, it can also be a test press.
  • You have a guarantee with the packages, that all 6 records will be of different albums, no doubles.
  • The packages will ship alone and cannot be combined with previous or future orders, and cannot be combined with other carepackages.
Value of the package:
  • Each package will be in the range of 150-500 euros. 
  • So with our price, you're guaranteed to atleast double the value you paid for it.


Estimated to ship on or around January 25th, 2024.