This page is for shipping updates. All of these dates are based on the estimated dates of arrival that we get from our production company, but sometimes production is delayed, and this will keep you updated on all new releases. We go by what we're told from production, so thank you for your understanding if anything is delayed. We appreciate you!


Next orders to ship (new releases):  

M.A.V. x Pete Twist - Long Story Short (Was shipped January 8th, 2024)   
Daniel Son & Giallo Point - Remo Gaggi [REISSUE] (Was shipped January 8th, 2024)   
Mickey Diamond - And His Name Was Death (Was shipped January 12th & 16th, 2024)   
WateRR x Machacha - Almighty (Was shipped February 5th, 2024)  
Jamil Honesty x Machacha - Give Us Our Daily Bread (Was shipped February 5th, 2024)  
Daniel Son & Giallo Point - The Gunners Tape (Was shipped February 12th, 2024)  
Supreme Cerebral - Loose Change 2 (Shipping approx. February 23rd, 2024)  
Maze Overlay x Wino Willy - Equivalent Exchange (Shipping approx. February 23rd, 2024)  
World Be Free - Niggas To Gods Pt. II (Shipping approx. February 23rd, 2024)  
Mickey Diamond - Bangkok Dangerous 4 (Shipping approx. March 1st, 2024)  
Al-Doe & Spanish Ran - Holy City Zoo (Shipping approx. March 15th, 2024)  
Ferris Blusa x Machacha - Glory To Gawd (Shipping approx. March 15th, 2024)  



Christmas Sale Orders (Was shipped January 30th, 2024) Except if you ordered "Loose Change 2" which still has a pre-order status, it’s not shipping until it's in house. 
Copenhagen Crates Care-Package (Was shipped January 30th, 2024)  
Bandcamp Promo Sale / February (Shipping approx. February 23rd, 2024)  



   ... If you don't see a specific newer title on here, it means that record has already been shipped.


Shipping updates:

We ship worldwide with the exception of Russia and Ukraine due to the situation going on.  

Due to COVID-19 we're still experiencing trouble with delivery-time for Australia, mainly due to import departments being behind on everything. So please have some patience and keep tracking your package. Thank you for your understanding.