This page is for shipping updates. All of these dates are based on the estimated dates of arrival that we get from our production company, but sometimes production is delayed, and this will keep you updated on all new releases. We go by what we're told from production, so thank you for your understanding if anything is delayed. We appreciate you!


Next orders to ship (new releases):   

Mvck Nyce - Nyce To Meet You (Was shipped June 3rd, 2024)
Figerson - Year Of The Dragon (Was shipped June 3rd, 2024)
Substance810 x Machacha - The Port (Was shipped June 3rd, 2024) 
Josiah The Gift x Ed Glorious - Glorious Si (Was shipped June 25th, 2024) 
Mvck Nyce - The Script (Shipping approx. July 1st, 2024) 
Vega7 The Ronin - Shadow Runner (Cover Vers. 2 - Digital Dystopia - Shipping approx. July 1st, 2024 / Cover Vers. 1 - Corpo Sunset - Shipping approx. July 10th) 
Machacha & Various Artists - Kunst.Art (Shipping approx. July 1st, 2024) 
Pro Dillinger - Reasonable Dirt (Shipping approx. July 10th, 2024) 
Mickey Diamond x Ral Duke - Super Shredder (Shipping approx. July 15th, 2024) 
Ferris Blusa x Jamil Honesty - Surrender To Gawd (Shipping approx. July 25th, 2024) 
Maze Overlay x Machacha - French Laundry (Shipping approx. July 25th, 2024) 
World Be Free - The Book Of Brian (Shipping approx. July 25th, 2024) 
André DeSaint x Machacha - Cult Classique (Shipping approx. August 1st, 2024) 
Figerson - Oyabun (Shipping approx. August 1st, 2024) 



Trepac x Xeren- Mammut (Shipping approx. July 10th, 2024) 
Machacha x Copenhageniacs - Skyskraber (NOTE: Unfortunately production confirmed there was a problem with the DMM which made the plates unusable and they needed to be manufactured again. Keep checking back for updates! Shipping approx. July 10th2024)



1 Euro Promo-Sale (Was shipped April 8th, 2024)
Bandcamp Promo Sale - May 3rd (Was shipped May 16th, 2024) 
Test Press Clearance (Was shipped June 25th, 2024) 


   ... If you don't see a specific newer title on here, it means that record has already been shipped.


Shipping updates:

We ship worldwide with the exception of Russia and Ukraine due to the situation going on.  

Due to COVID-19 we're still experiencing trouble with delivery-time for Australia, mainly due to import departments being behind on everything. So please have some patience and keep tracking your package. Thank you for your understanding.